Morning Mojo


Morning Mojo – Fri 16 Dec 16

How to market yourself or your service/product? What is it that you have to offer? How can you convey this effectively?

This week we will focus on talking about ‘ your brand’ and continue our conversation about being, selling and building relations that help you achieve your goals.

Together, let’s strengthen our positive inner voice, work on small steps and learn from each other.

About Morning Mojo:
Between careers, looking to redefine your path and maybe make your own job? Busy with the hats you wear, with friends, a partner, kids? Cool.

We meet twice a month, offer constructive criticism, talk sense of purpose, chart a path and act as friends should for an hour.

5 euros and that gets you a great cup of coffee too.

We start at 9:00 and end at 10:00. On to the rest of your day.

Let us know if you’re joining here.