Micro enterprise


Su Tomesen –  Micro enterprise
May 2 – July 30, 2019

Visual artist Su Tomesen (NL, 1970) works with the media video, photo and installation and exhibits in art spaces, museums and public spaces in the Netherlands and abroad. Her work is characterized by a preference for inventive solutions, the use of inexpensive or plastic materials, and the ability to improvise within the wonderful world of microeconomics. After her masters at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam she has done residencies in Amman, Johannesburg, Medellín and Tirana. She also worked on video projects in Buenos Aires, Port-au-Prince and Rio de Janeiro. Tomesen lives and works in Amsterdam and Yogyakarta, and her work is supported by the Mondriaan Fund.

At Black Gold Amsterdam, Su Tomesen – who lives in the Nieuwmarkt neighborhood – shows photographs of the looks of street trade and street vendors in various cities of the world including Beirut, Medellín, Bandung, Port-au-Prince and Johannesburg. The ‘Color bar’ (2007) weaving made from plastic bags from Belgrade is also on display.

Further down the street towards Nieuwmarkt, on Koningsstraat 6, she shows three towers built with plastic household objects from Indonesia, Uganda, Azerbaijan, Palestine, Cuba and Serbia, among others. The work, on display until 25 May, has a link with her love-hate relationship with plastic.



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